Financial Statements preapration

Get your books completed. Even if you don’t have recorded anything from scratch. We will take the records out from the ‘shoebox’ and return you in the shape of financial statements. We can also guide and train you how to prepare the books going forward.

VAT Accounting

Accounting for VAT is different. Your books of accounts have to be complied by recording each sales and purchase transaction based on the guidelines provided in the law. We provide assurance achieving this objective by adjusting the books or guiding our clients how to record transactions and adjust the books.

VAT Returns filing

We offer services for filing the periodical VAT returns in timely and accurately manner. Our staff scrutinize the information carefully based on which the VAT returns will be filed. We put due diligence in scanning, screening, recalculating, entering and preparing the returns to ensure its acceptability by the Govt.

VAT Registration

The clock is ticking!! Deadline is approaching fast. Remember, a business will not be able to claim VAT paid on purchases if the business is not registered for VAT. For the most of the businesses the registration is mandatory. Avoid high penalties, contact us immediately to get registered.

Record Keeping

We keep all the financial and VAT related records chronologically on behalf of our clients to comply with the laws. Each client’s folder is shared with the client through the cloud, so the clients can access the records anytime for the period of 5 to 10 years.

Affordable Prices

We provide assurance for the best and the lowest rates based on the complexity and the volume of the business transactions. Contact us to get a quote.

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